Thursday, August 12, 2004

The Land of 10,000 Lakes..... and even more scrapbook albums

Well, it's already been two weeks since I started my blog. Time flies. The highlight of that time for me was spending three and a half days in Minneapolis, Minnesota for the Creative Memories National Convention. This was my first time traveling to Minnesota, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I expected it to be much more, how shall I say it...... "midwestern". Perhaps it's because I flew directly to Minneapolis and stayed downtown, but I didn't get the "I'm in the middle of nowhere" feeling I'd expected. It was a very nice Convention Center and hotel (Hilton) and I really enjoyed walking and shopping in the downtown area. I went with another Consultant in my Unit, Theresa. We even had a little time to walk to the Sculpture Garden and to see the Mall of America.
The Convention was fantastic! The enthusiasm and positivity was totally contagious. It's amazing how loudly people can clap and cheer for a new organizer or paper pack:) But really, I felt that I got a great mix of information and ideas for my own albums, for my Unit, and for my customers. And, Creative Memories really knows how to put together an event. Great speakers and performers, nice dinners, terrific awards, etc. Very worthwhile event. I'm really looking forward to their new Unit Leader training (also in Minneapolis) next year after my promotion, and I really hope to also earn a 2005 incentive trip (either to Florida or Arizona). I can completely and honestly say that I love my job. In fact, I had a workshop tonight, I have a Class this weekend, and then another workshop and two more events next week. I look forward to them. But first, I have to condense all of my meeting notes and speak at our next Unit meeting for other Consultants (an audience of usually 40 or so). Hey, come to think of it I'm actually doing work that relates to my college major (Applied Communication Studies). How many people can say that?


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