Sunday, September 12, 2004

Kids are a natural wonder

I'm continually amazed at how unique and individual are two kids are, being that they have the same family gene pool. One is very social (meaning she doesn't know a stranger and always wants a companion by her side) and the other is very physical (meaning she is constantly climbing, grabbing, falling, hugging, running, etc.). One is very imaginative (making up songs, telling stories, having "a great idea" for a craft or activity), the other is a constant observer and mimicker. Both are active kids that sleep little and play a lot, but one is more awkward and hesitant about learning new skills while the other is naturally flexible, has great balance, no fear of new things, etc. One is always looking for a way out of cleaning up, the other is a little "helper" that is always looking for a way to be neat and orderly. Isn't it amazing that siblings can be so different from one another? It's amazing that even at 2 and 4 years old their personalities just come through in all that they do.
Some things that they do have in common though are their love of swimming and all forms of water play, their drama and creativity, their love of books, their natural musicality (really, I mean do all 2 and 4 year olds constantly sing, make up their own songs, and continually put on "shows"?), their generally propensity to be well-behaved, and of course their adorableness.
I just love my kids! I mean, I knew I would love whatever kids I had, but I just couldn't love these two more. They are certainly not always easy (especially given their respective ages at the moment) but they are truly great little people. I thought I'd post a little more about each of them:
Favorite Color: Brienna- Pink, purple and Cassidy- Orange (an unusual choice, I know)
Favorite Characters: Brienna- My Little Ponies, Nemo & Dory, Sleeping Beauty (and all other Disney Princesses) and Cassidy- Elmo, The Little People, Dora and Backpack
Favorite Songs: Brienna- According to her, she likes the ones she makes up the best, and Cassidy- currently Jesus Loves Me, Deep and Wide, The B.I.B.L.E., and Elmocize
Favorite Foods: Brienna- PB & J sandwiches, all soups, cheese and crackers, and Vanilla milk (milk with a shot of my Vanilla Coffeemate in it) and Cassidy- French fries, butter (she'll eat it by the stick if we'd let her!), eggs, cottage cheese, and plain milk
Best Friends: Brienna- Miriam C (who recently moved away) and Ethan D (also her future husband) and Cassidy- Brienna and Allyson W (her cousin and favorite playmate)
Future Occupations: Brienna- Fire fighter, singer, ballet dancer, doctor, and CM Consultant like mommy. She's been told that this is a busy line-up but insists she can do them all:) and Cassidy- Engineer, gymnast, dancer, and singer (from what we can tell of her, she hasn't made any personal choices yet).

Kids are truly a trial and a blessing at the same time! We have one more year until Brienna begins kindergarten, so I'm doing all that I can to enjoy this time while it lasts. We're having lots of park days, swimming time, playdates, trips to Disneyland, the bookstore, etc. It's a bit exhausting at times, but so much fun to watch them grow up and see them enjoying childhood! That is, when they aren't whining or taking a "time out" for not listening, or being mean to each other, etc. But then again, that's another blog!